Wednesday, 10 February 2010


A few days ago, on the back of a little twitter conversation between myself and UFC fighter Nate Marquardt, I used Google to see if I could find links to previous Zoom galleries of UFC fights that I'd shot for ESPN. After a few hours of hunting around I managed to dig up a few which I'm going to blog here - both for your enjoyment and as a handly little reference for me.

Those who know me will spot that UFC 105, 86, 84, 72 and 70 are missing from this list.


Well, after friend and fellow photographer Ed Mulholland shot UFC 101 for ESPN, my editors told me that there were changes afoot relating to how their event photographs would be showcased; I first saw this with my gallery for UFC 105 (which I can't track down) - however, just this past week, the Zoom gallery format returned showcasing photographs shot at UFC 110 by fellow photographer and friend Daniel Herbertson.

Over and above that, there were no galleries made for UFC 86 or 84; internal production time limits meant that, by the time the galleries were finished, there were no longer current and thus never published.

As for UFC's 72 and 70... well, I didn't shoot those for ESPN, since my work for them started with UFC 75.

When's my next UFC shoot? I've still to find out; I've asked my editors about covering UFC 111 for them and am awaiting word back. Failing that, I should be out in Abu Dhabi for UFC 112 in April - I just have to get a few details sorted out for that first.