Saturday, 24 October 2009

Starter for 10

The old phrase of "better late than never" applies; whilst I've been tardy in getting a blog off the ground, I figured that now is as good a time as any - especially when the next few weeks will see a flurry of photo related activity.

What's on the menu for the next month? Well obviously the main event is UFC 105 at the MEN Arena on November 14; I'll be down for the "fight week" activities from the 11th right through to the night of the fights themselves, shooting as usual for ESPN.

That said, MMA is not all I shoot.. hard to believe, huh? Some other choice events I'll be at are
  • The 2009 Scottish Style Awards - October 31
  • The BAFTA Scotland Awards 2009 - November 9
  • Nordoff Robbins Tartan Clef Awards 2009 - November 27
... plus the occasional live music shoot, celebrity do and so on.

I'll be tweeting as I go and you'll get some other updates from me on Facebook too.

Should you be going to any of these events, drop me a line or keep an eye out for me on the night.


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