Saturday, 12 December 2009

UFC 107 Predictions

So UFC 107 will air later tonight and I thought I'd post a few thoughts on how I think the main card fights might play out - it will certainly be interesting to see how right/wrong I am in my calls!

1. Diego Sanchez vs. BJ Penn
My heart says that Sanchez' fire will outlast Penn's cool in this fight. Sanchez is an incredibly determined fighter who just doesn't give up and I feel he's got the tools to frustrate Penn in the early rounds so that he'll be worn down come the fourth of fifth. This fight will only end early if Sanchez makes an error and goes to the ground, in which case it'll be game over as Penn sinks in a a sub of some sort. Sanchez knows this danger and will have trained extensively to avoid it.

Sanchez via decision
2. Cheick Kongo vs. Frank Mir
Frank didn't look too comfortable at UFC 100 when being pressures by the strikes of Lesnar. A lot of that discomfort was attributed to Lesna'rs "lunchbox" fists and whilst Cheick doesn't sport a the same dimensions when it comes to his rack of knuckles, the sheer power he packs behind each punch and kick will be telling (just ask Cain Velasquez about that)

Kongo via TKO in round 2
3. Jon Fitch vs. Mike Pierce
Fitch is a solid fighter that has a rounded toolset which allows him to frustrate his opposition both standing and on the ground. Jon's last five fights have all went to the judges but, in this case, that's not a bad thing as the same thing has happened with Pierce in his last two matches. I'm not expecting fireworks of this fight, and I know Fitch will have his hands a little full with the power of punches that Pierce can land.
Fitch via decision
4. Kenny Florian vs. Clay Guida
Explosive. Fight of the Night. A barn-burner. That's my core expectation of this fight between two lightweights who never disappoint the fans. Both fighters have changed their training camps from their last outings and I feel it may well be Guida who will bring more to the war from spending time with Greg Jackson & Co.
Guida via TKO, round 3
5. Stefan Struve vs. Paul Buntello
Struve showed heart and fortitude in taking a hellacious beating from Denis Stojnic in the first round of theif fight at UFC 99, only to come back in the second and pull a spectacular reversal that ended in a second round submission. His sheer size will pose problems for Buntello that could only be solved with a knockout blow. Looking and Buntello's records shows he has the tools to make that happen but I still feel Struve will be able to overwhelm Paul with his size and pull of a submission on him.
Struve via submission

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