Saturday, 20 March 2010


In the world of sports, it's often a given that you need a healthy dose of self-belief to climb to the lofty heights of success that are within your competitive sphere; UFC middleweight fighter Dan Hardy (pictured) is one such individual whose confidence in his own abilities is often mistaken for arrogance and supreme ego.

What is sometimes lost on many people is this: no matter what you do, if you don't shout about how good you are (whatever it is you do), very, very few other people will. It's almost a given that your close friends and family will support your endeavours but - beyond your immediate social circle - "Joe Public" generally doesn't give a damn.

Opening up your skills to independent critique and verification is a daunting prospect; in the five years that I've been working as a photographer, I've always solicited feedback and opinion so that I continue to grow both artistically and technically in my execution.

Earning an income from my work is one way my skills are validated, as is being trusted with select assignments - but I still get a kick from people who simply say "Your images rock! Can't wait to see more..."

Of course this is all tempered by an inner desire to constantly do better; to take the lessons I've learned from my last shoot and apply them to what I'm about to do - then to push myself that little bit further.

Take a leaf out of Dan Hardy's book; after just four fights in the UFC, he's facing incumbent welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre next weekend. A good part of why he's been given that opportunity is his self-belief and willingness to shout about how good he is.

So: push yourself a little, every day. Become better and then shout about it a little. You'll be surprised what doors might open for you as opportunities often have to be created rather than discovered.

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